Monday, November 19, 2012

One to Go to Ten and Two

Those who know me know that I rarely watch the Aggies play "live", but instead DVR the game while keeping tabs on the score by text, phone, or internet.  I blame my father for this little genetic peculiarity.  So it was really weird how upset I got when I figured out that the game between the Aggies and Sam Houston State wasn't being broadcast.  One of my law partners tells me that I need therapy because of the Aggies and sometimes I think she may be right.

For fun, watch this VIDEO of JFF.  A great highlight reel.  Be sure to look for the play where he runs down the defender who had recovered a fumble.

Others may disagree, but I like the fact that Sumlin took the starters out early in the 3rd quarter rather than try to continue to run up the gaudy numbers to improve both JFF's Heisman chances and A&M's position in the polls.  The second-stringers need some playing time, we don't want any of our key guys to get hurt, and since we didn't get a by week, guys have to be tired.  GOTTO beat Mizzou, who always gives us trouble.  Then on to a bowl....I have seen predicted matchups with Michigan and Oklahoma, but that was before the big upsets this last weekend.  I don't particularly want to play the Sooners, just cause we've been playing them for years.  How about someone new (and preferably someone we can moidelize)?

Gig 'em.

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