Monday, November 12, 2012

Ebb Tide

The Aggies beat Alabama. 

Props to the defense that came through when it had to, to the O-line, to Ryan Swope for taking the hits and holding on to the ball, to Malena, Michael, and Evans.....

And what can I say about JFF that hasn't been said?  More than his athleticism and his competitive spirit, I am impressed by his presence on the field.  The guy seems impervious to nerves, to jitters, to fear, to mistakes, to hits, to noise......He is just so fun to watch.

Now, the Aggies need to moidleize Sam Houston and then take care of Missouri.  I heard this morning that the Ags have jumped to number 8 in the polls.  If they can win out, then they likely will go to a good bowl game.  Whoda thunk it.


  1. Laird, Oh my what a great post ! Help me. Was this the best Aggie game of my lifetime? I attended my first game 60 seasons ago- and I say this was the best day. Second was blowing out Texas 42-10 at Kyle while holding Jack in my arms to win Jackie Sherrill's first SWC championship. My sophomore year 10-7 (Edd Hargett to Bob Long 1967 to win Gene Stalling's SWC championship) Then Reggie's upset of OU in his freshman season (after not yet being started by rc -very- Slowcum.) But Saturday was the best of all. JFF plays with a unique verve . It is so fun to watch. One catches on that he can do it. He's better at football than anyone playing for the other team. By the way, our coaches do not yet realize that JFF is a far better punter AND place kicker than the players currently deployed at attempting those tasks. From my meanness, I so hope sips draw LSU in the Cotton Bowl. That is their nightmare match up for this year's whorn rendition. Frankly, I'm happy as a clam with this A&M season and would enjoy a match up with an over-rated Notre Dame(although beating OU in Norman was impressive). JFF has plenty of time to beat Texas - as we are going to get more talented with these next several recruiting classes.
    Aunt Shirley called me and said she wondered how she might send a highlight tape to heaven! Personally, I say Uncle Bill is already doing some fine work up there. Just shows God's potential now that he has himself a sure enough great MD.

  2. I wish I had your memory but even so, I expect this is the best yet. I seem to remember the players rather than games. As for kicking, Jen refers to our kicker as Ber-toilet, which is apt. And, I have quite the mental picture of Pop, Zip, your mom, my mom and dad, and Uncle Bill whooping it up!

  3. The Mid 80's Cottonbowl wins over Auburn and Notre Dame were huge games for me. This is just a conference game, but I cannot remember a bigger win. The Aggies never win this game. Play number one tu ... we let Ricky Williams run for a gabillion yards. We always find a way not to win this game. Not now. Players who make plays, Coaches with a plan. I am so pumped about this teams future. Gig'em.