Monday, November 26, 2012

Can I Get An Amen?

JFF is supposed to have a press conference this week and I am nervous.  What if he talks like Jar Jar Binks?

Enjoyed the Mizzou game immensely.  I thought it was a nice gesture to feature C. Mike on the first play (and in the first quarter in general.)  He did not disappoint.  Other seniors performed well, too.  I got the feeling that they were on a mission. 

The television color guy kept going on and on about the game being over, why was JFF still in...blah, blah, blah.... WHILE MIZZOU CONTINUED TO SCORE.  And, this was in the first half!  It is possible to lose the lead, dude, even a big one.  We should know, since we have done it frequently.  We have to score early and often because our very thin defense breaks down a bit in the second half.

Would JFF winning the Heisman be a good thing?  Could it add so much pressure and raise expectations for next year so high that the team (and JFF) simply can't handle it?  Perhaps, but I think we are there already in terms of expectations and pressure.  I don't think winning the Heisman would change that at all.  And of course, I think he should win it. GO JFF!

Many around here think that the Aggies will play the Horns in the Cotton Bowl, and many think that would be great.  Why?  The Horns aren't very good so I imagine that the Aggies would be expected to win.  So, a win would be no big deal, because we should win.  But what if we lose?  I might just die.  Is chronic fear of losing to UT a treatable condition?

What a great season this has been!  Thanks to those wonderful, hardworking boys and the coaches for so many hours of joy.  Gig 'em.


  1. I agree. We only supply the whorns relevance (which they need about now) if we play them this Bowl season. Only play them if there is evident benefit for us to gain. That means the Capital One Bowl in Orlando at noon on New Year's Day against Michigan. We'd have a not certain but good chance of getting an 11th win and finishing in the Top 5 in the country. The game would feature a charismatic star on each team (our JFF and Michigan's Robinson). I do think we 'd beat Texas but we don't need to-and LSU will get the job done just fine in our stead. JFF will win the Heisman by a substantial margin and I think that he will lead in every region including the Midwest where Klein and Manti will divide much of the region's favorite son vote component. Whether he handles it well or not, JFF went out and won the Heisman on the field. I know it will be an outrageously fun story to watch. Wait until people see the two running backs already on campus that join Manziel next season. And Bertolet has months to practice!

  2. I like the way you think, Ohfor.

  3. I want to play Oregon because it might be the most offensive excitement ever. But they should be up against K-state. Next I want Georgia assuming Bama wins the SEC championship. We might lose to those guys, both are tough, but either one should draw viewers.
    No big 12 team brings anything to the table this year. Plus I want to offer that Gordon girl a scholarship right now.