Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't Poke The Tiger

Several articles in the last week or so have been talking about the slumping Tiger Woods or what's wrong with Tiger's game and so on. I just have to shake my head. The man is absolutely the best at what he does. For me he joins a short list of absolutely peerless athletes I have seen: Pele, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.
During his "slump" which includes 8 months off for knee surgery and rehab Woods has 16 consecutive top 10 finishes in stroke play. he has won something like 10 of his last 18 tournaments. Woods has more tournament victories than the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th ranked players in the world combined.
One other thing, none of the other tour players are seeing anything wrong or talking about it. They have learned you don't pull on Superman's cape and you don't poke the Tiger.
( much of the data here comes from this article by the Associated Press.)


  1. He is so good that if he doesn't win, he is in a slump. It is ridiculous. I used to watch quite a bit of golf, but now there really isn't anyone I want to watch but Tiger. He is just a total STUD. By the way, would you put Lance Armstrong in the category of peerless atheletes (assuming he didn't use p.e.d.'s)?

  2. I almost included Lance in the group but I don't really know the sport and there are the questions of blood doping etc. But it is hairsplitting. I did leave out Gretzky though and he should be in there.