Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Greg Ellis: No Mas

Well, after 11 years, the Cowboys have decided to let Greg Ellis go. I think they'd still like to make a trade but absent that, they will release him. Thus is resurrected the Randy Moss debate, for it was Ellis whom the Cowboys chose over Moss 11 years ago. Moss lacked character, was a bad dude; Ellis was a man whom his college coach (Mac Brown) would choose to raise his kids should he (Brown) suffer some tragedy. The Cowboys were reeling from a series of embarassingly public and seedy revelations about certain players (remember the White House?) and Jerry "It's my actual hair" Jones didn't think the Cowboys could risk taking on Moss and his baggage. So Ellis was picked and will be forever remembered as the guy they took instead of Moss, and not for his performance, on or off the field.


  1. This is a good move. The Cowboys need to get younger where ever they can.

  2. I cannot even remember the name of a Dallas defensive lineman since Randy White. One great defensive lineman will turn journeyman cornerbacks to all stars and give you at least one playoff game a season. Maybe that is why I also can't remember the last playoff game Dallas won either.
    Jerry Jones made one good move- he hired Jimmy Johnson since then he is Al Davis.

  3. Ellis is still good a pass rusher just to let go. Even on 3rd down only, he has to be accounted for, taking pressure off of Ware. Maybe they think the "tweeners" they drafted or Spencer (finally) but pass rushers are premium players, seems like a mistake to me. He will sign with the Giants and go the Pro Bowl.