Friday, May 15, 2009

I don't want it, you take it.

When I was trying to find some of the details about the greatest football game I had ever seen I found a sight about the greatest high school games and there was one submission that was so good I thought I would post it. I am truly sorry I didn't get to see this happen. I am lifting the story from this site.
However, my submission is for a Pflugerville/Westwood game in either 98 or 99 I believe. It was Westwood's Homecoming, and I don't remember anything from the entire game except for the very last play. I know there are a ton of WW alums on these boards so I'm sure some of you were there. Pflugerville was losing by 3 with a few seconds remaining and was lining up for what I would today assume was anywhere from a 45-55 yard FG. Westwood had a man playing deep just in case pflugerville tried a fake. They didn't. P-Ville instead kicked a very weak field goal which was then caught by the Westwood guy playing "safety", at about the 10 yard line. He catches and then, not realizing it's a live ball, pitches it backwards towards an official working the game, I'm assuming the back judge. Well the official moves out of the way, kinda backing up since it's a live ball. So this guy for WW picks up the ball and AGAIN pitches the ball backwards, this time intop the end zone. While all of this is going on Pflugerville RB Anthony Kreig (Baylor) is sprinting towards the end zone knowing it's a live ball. Some Warriors give pursuit, but Kreig dives on the ball in the end zone before any WW player could get to it. The refs talk it over for a few minutes before deciding TD Pflugerville. Crazy.
Not a greatest game maybe, but I sure would have liked to have been there.


  1. Yikes. That poor guy. Can you say Leon Lett?

  2. that's pretty bad - maybe he didn't really know the rules of football? I saw a clip once of a high school game where there were 15 (!) lateral passes in one play for a touchdown. it was incredible.