Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gartman: Takes A Stand

Dennis Gartman of the Gartman Letter and frequent contributor to CNBC made a provocative statement in today's newsletter. I have talked with Mr. Gartman several times and find him to be a fine gentleman and a very knowledgeable observer of the markets but I am not sure I can agree with him here: Paragraph lifted in entirety from the Gartman Letter Wed, may 20, 2009.
WHEN WE ARE WRONG: We are always
grateful when our clients and friends take the time to
tell us when we get something wrong in TGL… which
we do rather often. Yesterday was no exception. We
erred and erred rather badly in one instance, and we
thought we’d include the “correction” here this morning.
As our friend, Mr. John Knock, of Macquarie Energy in
Houston wrote
It is unusual for me to point out erroneous
information in the Letter due to the breadth of
topics which you discuss. Today, though, I
had to make an exception due to the grievous
nature of the mistake.
On page # 3 of today's letter, you refer to Carl
Spackler as "The Greens Keeper" in the movie
"Caddyshack". Mr. Spackler is, in fact, the
"Assistant Head Greens keeper" at Bushwood
Country Club. Sandy McFiddish is the "Head
Greens Keeper" at Bushwood. Hope this gives
you a good laugh.
John Knock, Macquarie Energy
It is one thing to get a point regarding economics
wrong; it is another thing to get a trade idea wrong; it is
something else entirely, however, when one tampers
with and errs when dealing with that greatest of all
sports movies, CaddyShack. We’ll be far more careful
next time!
I love the movie Caddyshack but "the greatest sports movie of all time", not sure about that one.
What about some of these off the top of my head:
Bull Durham
Chariots of Fire
Dead Solid Perfect
Brian's Song
When push comes to shove I have to go with Bull Durham though I am open to other nominations. Is there a really good football movie. ( game film of Texas USC doesn't count Baskind )

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  1. personally, I detest Caddyshack. I think Hoosiers is a great sports movie. And though I am not much of a Costner fan, I prefer Field of Dreams to Bull Durham. Original Bad News Bears was greatness. I also thought Jerry McGuire had some insightful comments about sports, though it wasn't really a sports movie. Mystery, Alaska and Bend It Like Beckham were entertaining. But I think the best movie about competition that I've ever seen is...drum roll...Searching for Bobby Fisher. I know, I know, it is about CHESS...but it also is about fathers and sons, coaches and their students, good sportsmanship, fair play, honor, disappointment, pressure...just a great movie.

    I think my top 3 are: Searching for Bobby Fisher, Hoosiers, and Chariots of Fire.