Friday, May 8, 2009


If you really love sports, and you really, really love football, especially college football, then you recognize the term "booley". "Booley" is the favorite sport of Tonsillitis Johnson, a character in Dan Jenkins' book, Life Its Ownself. Tonsillitis is a sought-after high school recruit whose atheletic prowess is in inverse proportion to his intellect. Annnyyyywwwaaay, when college football rolls around, my brothers and I dig ourselves out of the baseball-basketball-golf doldrums and whip ourselves into a preseason football frenzy. Phone lines burn (we live in different cities), sports mags are devoured (Texas Football, anyone?) and recruiting classes are reviewed and rehashed and on and on and on...We are reduced to ...well, we are reduced to "booley". So, since we love sports, and we talk about it alot, and since our cousins, Doc and Johnny, and Doc's son, Jacko, and our uncle, Dave, and our nephew-in-law, Drumski, also love to talk about sports (and mostly because we miss talking sports to our beloved dad, who has gone on to the big stadium in the sky), we thought we'd start this family sports blog. Actually, it was Big Bro's idea but I glommed onto it. So, contributors will be W-C-L clan members. Since we all are highly opinionated, even when we don't know what we are talking about, we will no doubt enjoy this blog immensely, whether or not anyone else reads it. But, readers and commentors are more than welcome. So, here we go. Booley. Bring it.


  1. I don't blog. Period. I play. But while I am here, I want you all to know that any activity that involves a horse other than racing is NOT a sport ( also excluded is the game of "horse " which involves shooting baskets, which is the ultimate sport ). So as long as ya'll don't start talking about cuttin' or ropin' or rodeoing, I am in. And while we are on horses,we better get straight about Cowboys.As long as Jerry Jones is vertical and owns the Cowboys, I don't want to read about those drug pumping,roof caving, coachless bunch of overpaid prima donnas. UNLESS, of course, Stephen McGee really does have a red S on his chest and saves the Boys with the Blue Star, at which point, all is forgive. Except horses.I don't like horses. Or bikes. OK ?

  2. Pretty sure there won't be any rodeo talk, but can't say the same about the Cowboys. You know we love our Cowboys.