Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who signs Michael Vick?

What is the betting on who signs Michael (bite me) Vick?
Jerry Jones? please no
Al Davis
Minnesota Vikings? I mean a backfield with Adrian Peterson, Percy Harbin, and Mchael Vick would present a few defensive issues.


  1. I predicted at the end of last season that Jones would take him, but now I don't think so. Al Davis...absolutely. Who else needs a quarterback desperately? Minnesota, yes, but what it the owner's position on hiring odious dirtbags? Who is qb for Kansas City? Jets?

  2. To change the subject . . . Less than a week after the Big XII coaches rejected a proposal to change the controversial tiebreaker that gave the Oklahoma Sooners last season’s Big XII South title over the Texas Longhorns, a team who soundly beat the Sooners earlier in the season, CBS Sports has learned the Longhorns are in negotiations to leave the Big XII and join the Atlantic Coast Conference. The surprise announcement could come as early as next week. Though still yet to be determined, sources say the ACC is strongly considering identifying and adding the 14th and final member this summer. Any team added however, including Texas, would realistically have to wait until the 2010 or 2011 season to commence participation in ACC conference play for any NCAA sport. . . . The front runners for the 14th spot are expected to be Texas A&M, a fellow Big XII member school with strong academics and a solid athletic track record, and Big East member, the University of Connecticut, whose upstart football program and championship winning basketball programs make it a logical fit. However, conference officials might instead attempt to lure Notre Dame into the fold, though the prospects of their joining the ACC appear slim. See


    Boston College



    Florida State

    Georgia Tech



    North Carolina

    NC State


    Virginia Tech

    Wake Forest

  3. So, if the Horns leave the Big 12, does it become the Big 11? I think this is a BAD idea. If Texas and, possibly, A&M leave the Big 12, I think the SEC is a better match. Arkansas, an old Southwest Conference rival, and LSU seems like naturals whereas there is no natural connection with the east coast schools of the ACC. The more I think about it, the more I hate this idea. Sure would make it hard to go to away games.

  4. I think the Aggies could beat some of the ACC teams in football. At least we would not get b**tf***ed by Texas Tech anymore. This would really crush the Big 12. They would have to add TCU and SMU. PU. By the way the Big 10 has 11 teams.

  5. Vick where? If I were the Steelers I look at him. You already have a solid team. They like versatile players. I hope the Redskins take him they will really screw him up.

  6. Yeah Pittsburgh. Then Vick can play with James Harrison's dog.

  7. What is the deal with these football guys and their pit bulls? As for Vick (aka Joe Mexico), it would be poetic justice if Harrison's dog got ahold of him.