Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quick family poll

I need to take a quick poll of the family that I believe will confirm my fears that our family is filled with a bunch of conspiracy theorists.  I've picked up on a trend of the family reveling in Aggie victories, but turning to conspiracies to explain the great Longhorn victories.  For example, my father (chief conspiracy theorist) went to the recent UT / A&M baseball game at Kyle Field.  I saw him two days later and commented on his hoarse voice, asking how long he had been feeling bad.  I was then treated to an obscenity-laced tirade on how A&M had been cheated out of a certain victory by the umps.  His belief is that this was only the most recent example of the Horns buying off the umps/refs/time-keepers/judges/officials/debate moderators to cheat the Aggies (or a lesser school) out of a justly earned victory.  So, the question to the family is, do you believe that the Horns (or other large, state institutions) actually benefit from having competitions rigged on their behalf?

As a side note, the story about TX leaving the Big 12 for the ACC was a hoax, erroneously reported by CBS Sportsline.  The afternoon that the "story" broke, UT released a statement calling it ridiculous and in no way based in fact.  I guess our conspiracy theorists must believe this to be the latest example of UT's corrupt political machine at work.  


  1. No i don't believe in a conspiracy.Furthermore, if there were any conspiracy it would be coming from the television media, that is wheere the money comes from. The media would rig every game if they thought they could script results that meant better ratings.

  2. Texas clearly is a member of the college equivalent of the trilateral commission. How else to you explain the killing of the A&M's law school, while North Texas gets the go ahead on its law school? Doc is onto something.

  3. I am unhappy to report that the fix was in again as UT won the Big 12 Baseball tournament by beating U. Mo. 12-7 today. The Aggies finished well in the tournament with a 2-1 record but did not get into the champanionship game due to the tie-breaker or perhaps due to unilateral commission activity. As further proof of the conspiracy, UT also finished first in the Big 12 during the regular season as well. So when the UT coach is sober, things turn out well for the Horns -- and even if things go poorly, then the political fixers take over and make sure they win. Peace out.