Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And how about this moron?

Former NFL Quarterback Ryan Leaf turns himself in to authorities for burglary and drug charges.

Question: Top 10 sports morons ? ( I will be formulating my own list but this guy is in it.)


  1. OJ and whoever thought writing that book about how he "would" have done it. I don't know any other moronic atheletes, but I'm sensing this entry will have great comments

  2. here are a few: Roy Tarpley, Michael Vick, Todd Marinovich's dad, Steve Howe, John Daly, and Marv Albert.

  3. These guys are my sports heroes; yet they either already are or will soon be considered sports morons:

    Ricky Williams
    Vince Young

  4. Michael Vick
    Ryan Leaf
    John Daly
    Pete Rose
    Ricky Henderson
    OJ Simpson
    Micky Waters
    Darryl Strawberry
    current Cowboy cornerback?
    Devin Hester*

    *a former UT quarterback who made the lowest score on the Wonderlic test during his season was left off the list out of courtesy to one of our contributors.

  5. Lenny Dykstra
    Jose Conseco (although I love that he called everyone out about steroids)
    Pacman Jones
    Brandon Marshall
    Plaxico "call me Cheney" Burress

  6. Anyone remember Switzer's introductory press conference as Cowboys head coach? That was more than a little bizarre. Think he was packing heat?

    In the golf world, Woody "Aqua Man" Austin is a little out there. Love his reactions to missed putts.

  7. Woody is out there. Thanks to Brett for pacman Jones I just couldn't think of his name. I suppose I should have distinguished between guys who are stupid and guys who are just bad guys. Some are both of course but, Mickey waters was a good guy, just dumb as a post. Ricky Henderson was just a dim bulb not a bad citizen.
    Favorite story of Henderson is that about 6 months after oakland had given him his initial bonus check of 1 million dollars they went to visit him to ask why he had not cashed it and found it framed and hanging on his wwall.

  8. How could I forget Nate Newton, busted for selling pot, and then busted again 2 weeks later for...selling pot.