Friday, June 12, 2009

Do You Care about the Lakers?

I have always loved the sports dynasty -- even regarding teams I might otherwise dislike. Therefore, I am today a big Lakers fan. I want Phil Jackson to win his 10th title and over take Red Auerbach (who has 9 titles). I want Kobe to win his 4th ring and first without Shaq. I want the Lakers to win another championship and improve on their league leading playoff record (with 56 play-off appearances.).

But mostly, I wanted an excuse to post on the so-called lsquared's blog a picture of the Laker Girls.


  1. I am a Phil Jackson fan and would like to see him get another ring. Not a kobe fan though he is a brilliant player. But primarily I cannot get interested in the game anymore. nBA players are so physically talented but failure to enforce the ruless of basketball have changed the game significantly for the worse. No one passes the ball properly because you can travel, double dribble and palm the ball. They have destroyed the team play. On the other hand basketball pictures are nice.

  2. I hate the Lakers. And Celtics. And Yankees .... ad nauseum.
    But... Dynasty's make playoff sports better. The NBA is better with the Lakers or Celtics (and the Bulls in their day). MLB is better with Yankees and Red Sox involved. And Football is better when the Cowboys, Giants, 49ers etc. are good. Same with college football. No one wants to see a National Championship game with West Virgina vs Missouri. We want Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Ohio St., LSU, A&M (he hopes no one notices the inclusion), Alabama and Georgia etc. even though I hate most of those teams. That said I have not watched a single NBA Playoff game cause it is pretty boring.

  3. sbaskind: do you even watch any of the actual games you report on? You should change your screen name to Lester Burnham.

    As for dynasties, I think they are essential to sports. There is a ying and yang element to this...we need both someone to root for and someone to root against. These dynasties inspire passion of both kinds. Rarely is a fan indifferent to a dynastic team. (I think it works the same way in individual sports as well. Without Tiger Woods (and before him, Nicklaus (spelling?), golf would be nothing but a bunch of spares out for a walk). Down with parity. Long live the dynasty.

  4. To the so-called lsquared: Do not belittle my hero Lester Burnham (though I would prefer a different final outcome). And in the words of Lester: "You don't get to tell me what to do ever again."

    And, yes, when I am not searching for pictures of cheerleaders, I occasionally watch the games.

    As to Phil, he has coached something over 1700 games and I think is in the top 5 or 10 NBA coaches for wins. And, in addition to his 9 Championships with the Bulls and Lakers as a coach, he won 2 as a player. Of course, his coaching career was blessed with Jordan, Pippen, O'Neil and Bryan, but I think he really is the "zen master." It is just more fun when records are broken, so I hope he wins his 10th. Just like I want to Tiger to win 5 more majors to go pass Jack's 18, and Federer to win his 15th major to surpass Sampras. Long live the sports dynasty (and cheerleaders too).