Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mine, Mine, Mine That Bird!

I guess I am the only one of the W-C-L bloggers who is fascinated by the game of jockey musical chairs that has gone on in connection with horse racing's triple crown. (See Who's on First?, Eat My Dust ,and BACK TO THE FUTURE entries). In any event, it looks like Calvin Borel will be riding Mine That Bird in the Belmont Stakes after all. This race is the longest of the three but based on his performances in the last 2 races, I think MTB can take it, unless he is just too beaten down. As Gary Stevens said after the Preakness, if the race had been 2 strides longer, MTB would have won. So, I will be watching and cheering for MTB all the way.


  1. Yes, you are the only one fascinated by jockeys.

    By the way: What's on second and I Don't Know's on third.

  2. I hope Mine That Bird wins and draws enough interest from the press that I hear an explanation of that name, it sounds like something from the London underground, "mind the gap".