Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Football Begins.

For me, football season begins when Dave Campbell publishes.

The 50th Anniversary Issue is out.

Let Football 2009 begin. . . .


  1. sbaskind allowed me a quick peek at the mag, which predicts that the Aggies will go 6-6. Oy. As for UT, I have to admit that I am a Colt McCoy fan. He has improved each year, and last year he proved how freakin tough he is. Also, he is supposed to be a good guy. I hope he wins the Heisman (assuming that no Ag is in the running). Gig em and hook em.

  2. I'm sure there is a Texas High School Football mag out there somewhere.

  3. Your Texas High School Football Reporter here:

    Per Dave Campbell's Texas Football, the HP Scots are expected to finish first in their district (10-4A). They return 6 starters on offense, and 2 on defense, which is the greatest number of returning starters in several years. DCTF, however, says the defense has "numerous holes to fill." QB Luke Woodley is picked as the pre-season Offensive MVP of District 10-4A. Woodley threw for 3,756 yards in 2008 (which is second among all returning 4A QB's). HP made it to Regionals in 2008, losing to Midway. Midway then lost to Longview in the quarter finals. Longview then lost to Austin Lake Travis in the final 48-23. [Of course, Austin Lake Travis was QB'ed by Garrett Gilbert, first-team All-State 4A QB, who ran for 78 yds and 2 TD's and passed for 358 yds and 4 TD's in the final (a UT signee -- no post here is complete without at least some indirect reference to UT)].

    For 2009, Longview is projected as the Region II winner (HP's region) and sits atop the DCTF preseason 4-A Top 25 Poll. The poll has HP at 7, but the 2009 Coaches pre-season poll picks HP at 3. Looks like the main obstacle on HP's road to a state championship may be Longview.

    Texas High School Football reporter, out.

  4. Oxey, you mean UT.

    DCTF preseason top 10:
    1. UT
    2. Fla.
    3. Okla.
    4. USC
    5. Ala.
    6. Ohio St.
    7. Okla. St.
    8. LSU
    9. Ole. Miss.

    No other Big 12 teams in the top 25, but Neb., Kan,, Tex. Tech are in the "received votes" category.

    Big 12 projected finish:
    1. UT
    2. Okla
    3. Okla. St.
    4. Texas Tech
    5. Baylor
    6. Tex. A&M (sorry)
    1. Kan.
    2. Neb.
    3. Mo.
    4. Colo.
    5. K. St.
    6. Iowa St.

    I do not actually expect that UT, OU, Okla, St. will all end up in the top 10, unless it is like last year with Tex. Tech, where they all win all their other games, but lose to one of the others. One will probably dominate -- and it will most likely be the evil Sooners with all Texas fans (Texas/Tex.Tech/A&M, etc)being broken-hearted.

  5. DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN: the Aggies are projected to be dead last in the South, even below Baylor? My grandmother is spinning in her grave and mom is spitting mad (or would be, if she weren't nutty cuckoo). I simply cannot take it, I cannot, I CANNOT!