Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaq Traded to Cavs

Shaq traded to Cavs to try to get some help for LeBron. I like Le Bron and he needed some help.
I am not sure Shaq is fully up to it but it has a chance of working. Shaq should get about 50 dunks a game with LeBron dumping off to him.


  1. I might even watch the Cavs a little, with this pairing. I like Shaq and LeBron. By the way, I read that Michael Jordon's son has quit his college basketball team to devote more time to his studies. Is this the sports equivalent of a politician stepping down to "spend more time with his family"? What is really going on. Perhaps junior can't live up to the expectations, but really, who could?

  2. I had not heard that about mj jr but he should have played anything else, football, baseball, piano, anything else.