Monday, June 22, 2009

Glover Wins Open!

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  1. Glover is 1st in total driving. Distance and Accuracy combined. As of 3rd round he was 1st in driving and greens hit at the Open. He had only 1 3 putt. He had more 3 inch pars than I can remember. If he had more of those drop this tournament wouldn't have been close. I don't think this will be his only Major.

  2. Have to see him on fast greens. Those are what sort the greats from the almost greats. But he sure looked poised.Had those been open speed greens I believe Tiger wins by 5.
    Man I hope Duval can come all the way back. When he used to get hot he just drilled his irons inside 10 feet everytime. Only other player I have ever seen who could get that hot was Johnny Miller.