Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a world, what a world . . .

LSU - 7
UT - 6

  1. Horns melt down in the top of the 9th -- lose winnable game and waste 5 HR's.

Can not carry on (unless a miracle happens tonight).


  1. So, so sorry, sbaskind. Don't give up hope.

  2. All is right in the world again after last night's performance by Jungman! Considering the freshman's 6 pitch stint on Monday night, last night's complete-game win was one for the ages. I really questioned LSU's decision to hold their ace for tonight. They had the momentum after a tough loss on Monday night. I would have gone for the jugular with my ace in game 2.

  3. Awesome game. I agree Jack, LSU should have gone with their ace. I actually wore an orange shirt for the game. Am I going to go to Aggie Hell. Game 3 tonight and my liver is taking a beating. Lambert comes over to watch the games with 6 bottles of wine.

  4. I can relate to your liver woes. If this was a best-of-7 series, I'd surely end up with a case of gout. We've been grilling steaks and drinking red wine during each game. It'll be a steady diet of salads and iced tea for me for the balance of the summer in preparation for football season!

  5. I am with oxey and jack. These games are killing me. They last too long and last night's game started more than 2 hours late. I run out of energy at about the 5th, even with liquid fuel being added.

    LSU averaged almost 10 runs in the four games immediately before last night's. I never expected UT could win with only 5 runs. And no runs were scored after the 3rd. I fear tonight it will take a lot more offense for the Horns to prevail, they can not expect LSU to have such low production two games in a row -- but I have got to hand it them for hanging in until the very last game. Just one more.

    To Oxey: I am proud that you are wearing Orange. By the way, I think Aggie Hell may be the same place as UT Heaven.

  6. This is not good. At this rate, I'm going to be both pissed off and hungover in the morning.