Sunday, June 14, 2009

Longhorns Eke By USM, 7-6

The Longhorns managed to beat the University of Southern Mississippi today in a College World Series baseball game and, boy, am I glad they did. USM deserved to lose, for one reason and one reason only: the way they wore their britches. OMG! I had to turn the channel. Congrats to the Longhorns, especially sbaskind. And what's up with metal bats? I hate those things. Why are they legal in college but not the pros? I know that the rules in college and pro sports often differ, but the equipment? Is there another sport where the equipment is different? In college football, the kickers use tees, I think, and they don't in the pros but off the top of my head I can't think of any others.


  1. in college basketball they still call traveling.

    College baseball started using metal bats for a cost savings. My sophmore year at A&M we broke something like 240 bats. It was amazing and expensive.
    They are considered to dangerous to use with professional pitching velocities. The ball explodes of the bat face.

  2. The financial savings never even occurred to me.

  3. lsquared

    I thought you would at least make fun of the Horns for winning in the botton of the 9th by the S. Miss. idiot pitcher walking in the winning run. Also earlier UT gave up a run because of catcher interference call. [I think I read some where that there had not been a catcher interference call in the CWS since the early 80's -- a very ancient time.] But we take any and all wins.

    UT plays Az. St. in the winners bracket of Bracket 2 and U. North Car. plays S. Miss in the loser's bracket of Bracket 2.

    In Bracket 1 (which is a day ahead of Bracket 2) LSU has made it thru to the winners bracket with 2 victories. CS Fullerton has been elimated and Va. plays Ark. in the losers bracket to see who plays LSU.

    Since either Nor. Car. or S. Miss will be eliminated tomorrow then the worst UT can be is 6th (I think).

    We're no. 6 . . . We're No. 6!