Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week Four

Just how much do I hate UCLA?  Well, perhaps not as much as I hate USC since my man, Troy Aikman, went to UCLA back in the day, but still they are just another bunch of California pretty boys coached by one of the cheatingest coaches ever, the detestable Rick Neuheisel.  Yuck, yuck, yuck (not to be confused with Curly Stooge's "nyuck nyuck nyuck".)   Hope the HORNS moidelize them.

Hogs v. Tide:  this is hard.  I think Bama will win, so that is not the problem for me.  My Hog hatred goes way back to the old Southwest Conference days but my Bama hatred is greater...Bear NOT get me started.  Also, the Aggies play the Hogs next week so if they could beat Bama they might not get up for the Ags.  On the other hand, they might feel unbeatable.  If they lose to Bama, they will be MAD and anxious to cremate the Aggies like they did last year.  On the other hand, if they lose to Bama, they might just be demoralized enough to not show up for the Ags.  I just don't know.  I guess I hope the Hogs win but I don't expect them to.  And as Oxey reminded me, the Hog coach is a nominee for the lifetime Corso Wears a Merkin award for biggest  <insert crass slang word for female genitalia>  !!!!ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!  OXEY JUST REMINDED ME THAT THE AGS DON'T PLAY THE HOGS NEXT WEEK--THEY PLAY OSU.  SO, YOU KNOW THAT STUFF I SAID ABOUT THE AGS, THE HOGS, AND BAMA? WELL, NEVERMIND.

The What Were They Thinking Award:  the parents of Jacquizz Rogers.  Oy.

Even though TCU beat SMU last night, if was far from the overpowering performance that everyone expected.  In an unexpected lucid moment, Lee Corso opined that TCU was trying too hard for style points, knowing that it has to win BIG to move up in the polls.

Does Lou Holtz have a speech impediment?

Does anyone besides me think the OU-Cincinnati game might be interesting?

I predict that Denard Robinson of Michigan will get seriously injured before the season is over.  He got dinged again this week.  Also, the Mich defense needs to learn to TACKLE.

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  1. Cincinatti was really good last year. That is how the Notre Dame got that job. Right now he probably wishes he had stayed in Cincinati.