Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Say: STINKO I Say: MALO!!!

Could the Horns have played any worse?  That was painful to watch.  UCLA had 267 yards rushing, 27 passing.   After last week against the Red Radars, I thought the Horns' defense was impenetrable.  Boy was I ever wrong...couldn't have been wronger.   And speaking of the Horns, Oxey and I were talking about their offense (this was early in the game before it got REALLY bad) and he commented that UT doesn't really have an offensive scheme...and hasn't had one for years.  Then, one of the commentators for the Hog-Bama game (more on that later) remarked that in a conversation with Nick Sabin, Sabin remarked that on offense, you just have to let the players do what they do really don't scheme it...but on defense, you MUST have a scheme.  Interesting.

Anyhoo, I was excited about how the Hogs started the game but Mallett CHOKED but good.  One interception in the endzone, one terribly thrown ball that resulted in points for Bama and a final, pitiful, drive-ending ball that he appeared to TRY to throw out of bounds.  After watching the Hogs in two games, I am not that high on Mallett.  No doubt he has talent but, I don't know, he just doesn't seem that great to me.

As I write this, OU and Cincinnati are in the fourth quarter of their game, OU up by 2 points.  Landry Jones looks pretty good but the Bearcats are hanging in.  GO BEARCATS!

Boise State and Oregon State have just started and I think it is 10-7, BS.  The one thing to keep in mind about this game:  the blue field is VOMITORIOUS.  Actually, in everything but points, BS is killin.

Apropos of nothing, I love Verne Lundquist.


  1. Horns were awful. Did you here Neuheisel after the game. "We did some things well, but we have alot to work on" meaning we played well but they choked. A choke is usually a 1 quarter deal, this team gagged for 4 quarters. We should have seen this coming. They have been sub-ordinary all year.
    OU looked almost as inept. Gave up huge chunks of yardage to little fast Bearcats.
    Verne must be in his 70's and last year he had a game where he made a bunch of mistakes(wrong players, wrong team etc.) and I was afraid he was getting old, but he seems to be immune from announcers disease. Plus he does love his Texan players. Love him.

  2. re Verne: I was worried about him last year, too, but he seems to have bounced back. I think he and Danielson make a good team. I also think Andre Ware is pretty good. I think he is on some Fox Sports deal, so he doesn't get national play but watch for him.

  3. Mac Brown has no particular offensive imagination and without a terrific athlete at QB or a superstar running back he doesn't seem to know what to do. They looked to polite to hit anyone saturday. Embarrassing.
    I want Verne to go back to lime green leisure suits.

  4. Is Mac Brown even a Coach? I think he is just an administrator and recruiter.
    I think the Rutabaga brothers and sister should all get lime green leisure suits.