Friday, September 10, 2010

First Week: Awards and Random Thoughts

Awards:  I have decided to award...well...awards each week, assuming I remember to do so.  I will accept nominations, which must be received before I award the award.  Clear as mud?  Anyway, here are the Booleyean Awards for week one:

Master Non-Sequitarian:  Bob Davie

The Dan Jenkins Award for Rip-Snortin' Gut-Bustin' Side-Windiness (and that is wind as in a watch, not wind as in blowing air (( although wind as in blowing air might be more appropriate))):  Brent Musburger

Bloviating Gasbag of the Week:  Craig James (Speaking of whom, he made his inglorious return calling the Navy-Maryland game on Sunday morning.  Yikes.  How are the mighty fallen.

Corso Wears a Merkin Award: the entire LSU team 


I am officially sick of tatoos.

Whaddup with the rash of heinous uniforms?  Boise State, Va Tech, TCU?  Yikes.  Patent leather shoes, c'mon.  Texas, Alabama, Penn State...those are REAL uniforms.

Watched Auburn-Miss St last night and was impressed with Auburn's QB.  6'6", 250...he will be fun to watch this season.  Also, Auburn had a defensive end who had an AWESOME game.  Will be interesting to see if this game was an anomoly.  Miss St looked decent, too.

In checking the Aggie stats after the week, I was disappointed to NOT see Von Miller's name in the sack department.  Turns out he got hurt (ankle) and didn't play much.  Not sure he'll play this week against La Tech.  I think he wants to play but the coaches want to save him.  This shouldn't be a game where his presence is essential, so might be smart to let him rest for a week.  We shall see.

Watching West Va-Marshall right now.  Ummmm.

Looking forward to tomorrow...many fun match-ups. 

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  1. blowing air from all orifices as a matter of fact.