Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cowgirls Win!

What in the wide world of sports got into Roy Williams today?  I am not sure that I ever seen him play so well.  And who else caught a pass today?  Austen, Witten, Hurd, Bryant, Bennett...anyone else?  Aside from Keith Brooking, who may have redeemed himself with that 3rd down sack, the Cowboys played really well in all 3 areas of the game.  Wow.  Nice.


  1. Did they run the ball at all? Because they proved in minnesota last year that they do not have a championship line and I don't see many changes.
    Glad they won though.

  2. 26 runs 31 passes. Only averaged 3.6 per rush but kept the defense honest. Their offense is coming around. Romo looked great.