Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea Sip comes from the word "Insipid"

Dear Brothers and Sisters of College Ball ie Football,

U T stands for arrogance
A & M stands for gung ho
Texas Tech stands for "what about me?"

All of us have known since 2nd grade that Texas ruled the recruiting game in the state of the same name and that OU stole as many goodin's as they could and after that the rest lined up. Well watching UT's defence undress Tech's offensive ( they were truly offensive) it dawned on ol' Dorko here that Jim Jeffcoat's offspring, being only 19 years old and 290 lbs. strong and swift....and in only his 3rd game as true freshman starter, that maybe us others might want to form behind and to the right of those flippin' Tea Sips. It's disgustin' to think that the beat goes on, but By Gosh it does. Before the sips dismantled Tech in a sloppily played game by both teams, I thought that OU would demolish the Bevo bunch. Now I'm lookin' forward to the Big D Game as I think the Texas D. line may be the best they've brIught to a stadium in the Brown Era. OU has had a bunch of goodin's but this may be the best D line we've seen in a long while.
If any of us are gonna beat 'em this year, we better hope for injuries for those rascals as they're loaded with talent.....pure and simple. Dorko the Humbled

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  1. Maybe they could get food poisoning or have a bus accident. The Ags had trouble blocking FIU, tu is going to be trouble.