Monday, September 6, 2010

It is BOOLEY Time!

I just lurve college football...and the 2010 season has begun.  Over the weekend I watched a bunch of games and saw bits and pieces of others.  Here are my impressions:

Texas v. Rice---ho hum.  I was not impressed with Texas QB, Gilbert, but I expect he will improve. 

Tx Tech v. SMU---Tech is a better team by far but once the Red Radars got ahead, they mailed it in and almost managed to lose.  Even with 4 turnovers, SMU hung in there.  Props to the Mustangs.

LSU v. NC State---I think LSU has now become the most gutless, underachieving, lame-ass team since the Kansas State teams of a few years ago.  NC State was playing without 13 players, including its entire secondary (I believe) and still almost won that game.  Les Miles needs to do something to get those idiots' attention.

Florida v. Miami of Ohio---I only saw a little but the Florida offense looked B-A-D!  The defense was another story, however.

Eastern Carolina v. Tulsa---why, you may ask, did I watch this game?  Because the new coach is Ruffin McNeill, former d-coordinator at Texas Tech.  And am I glad I watched this.  No defense whatsoever but tons of lead changes, back and forth, name it.  Last play of the game:  with 5 seconds left at the Tulsa 30 (or so) yardline, the EC qb throws into the end-zone to a 6'8" freshman receiver who caught it amidst a crowd to win the game.  It was awesome.  YAY Ruffin!

TCU v. Oregon State---this was a little more exciting than I wanted it to be.  TCU's defense was a little porous and Dalton threw a couple of ints.  Still, a win is a win.

Didn't see Fla State but the game marked the start of the no-Bobby-Bowden era.  Exit, Bloviating Gasbag.

Also didn't see OU v. Utah State (?) but was delighted that OU had trouble.  Only thing better would have been a loss.

And, because it wasn't televised, I didn't see the Aggies play but I followed on game tracker (how cool is that, by the way?)  Johnson was 23 for 35, 2 TDs, no ints, 1 running TD.  Final score was 48-7, Aggies.  They beat a team they should have beaten but YAY anyway.  GIG EM AGGIES.


OU v. Fla St  (could they both lose, please?)
Ala v. Penn St
Ohio St v. Miami (not of Ohio)
Michigan v. Notre Dame (pretty much hate em both)


  1. I didn't get to see many games because of my exhaustive work schedule, but saw many highlights. Life is better in football season.

  2. I saw bits and pieces of games and some highlight film. Most impressive stat of the weak -- florida had center/ quarterback mishandling of the snap on 14 plays. That has got to be close to a record. Is Rex Grossman the quarterbacks coach there now?