Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week Three: Better Late Than Never (I Hope)

It has taken me a full week to get over the Aggies' frightening performance against FIU.  5 turnovers.... But, they didn't quit and in the fourth quarter scored MANY points to take the lead and at the very end, managed to keep FIU out of the endzone long enough to log a win.   This week off and then...pigs, I mean, hogs.  I don't know whether to hope the hogs beat or lose to Bama this week...

Blithering Idiot Award:  Lee Corso.  Honestly, I didn't understand a word he said last week (I refuse to consider that I may be the Blithering Idiot)

TCU looked tremendous against Baylor, a team that I thought had improved.  Unimpressed with Baylor's highly touted QB  but his poor play may have been the result of TCU's defense.

Speaking of defense, the Horns looked tough.  That game was weird, though.  It started out just crazy...both teams  seemed a bit wild-eyed.  It made me anxious just watching and I didn't have a dog in the hunt.  Gilbert looks promising to me thought the offense was erratic.  They need to find a consistent back.  As for the Red Radars, not good.  Potts was just bad...maybe he hurt his hand or maybe the D gave him nowhere to go, but it was NOT pretty.  Of course, that doesn't mean that they won't hammer my poor Ags.

Really, really had hoped that Air Force would pull off the upset against OU but it just didn't quite happen.  OU only won by 3, though.  Props to the cadets.  I love a good passing game but I have to say that a well-run option game is a thing of beauty.  Poetic justice that it was run against OU.

Va Tech managed to win, but did it have to be over Ruffin McNeill's ECU?

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