Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A&M wary of TV games

Of our televised games we've lost 10 of the most recent 11. Thursday night games carried nationally have been especially adverse. If before mid -season, they've been uniformly humiliating. Recall U.of Miami, Virginia Tech, Utah. Games where Laird just taps out, "Beer me" and hits the send button - somewhere early in the third quarter after early but ample evidence that things are going to deteriorate rather than improve from the awful trend of the opening half. Some would be cautious so as not to be again disappointed. Nope. We are going to get this must win by outscoring these guys even though Jerrod will be running for his life much of the night. For once , the opponents will have a couple of critical fumbles - and Von Miller plays great every time we look as if we're going to give in. 34-31. dwc


  1. I hope you are right about the score, ohfor. I just checked OSU's stat averages per game so far this season (against Wash St, Troy, and Tulsa): 200 yds on the ground, 400 yds in the air, 57 points. Aggies need some serious DEFENSE this week. GO VON!!!! GIG EM

  2. I will make sure i don't see the game, that is good for at least one turnover right there.