Sunday, September 6, 2009

The End is Here

Here are some of the people who got waived, released, or terminated by NFL teams over the weekend: Maurice Purify, Brooks Bollinger, Billy Cundiff, John David Booty, Rhett Bomar, Zach Thomas, Chase Daniel, David Tyree, Joey Harrington, and Jeff Garcia. Lots of QB's on that list. As for the Cowboys, they finally have given up on Isaiah Stanback. Rudy Carpenter, free-agent QB, was released but is expected to be picked up for the practice squad. Aggie Stephen McGee is hurt, but still on the team. Question: is Bobby Carpenter worth keeping? He just seems a step late on everthing.


  1. I would sign Garcia in a minute. He is an old pro who could give you three good games if Romo is dinged. Three games makes a big difference in a playoff run. Maybe they will be in a playoff run if they no longer provide the touchdown windtunnel at safety. They did get a replacement for what's his name didn't they? ___I don't know because none of you jerks has told me beans about what is going on at camp.___

  2. The Cowboys signed John Kitna as backup and I think he will be ok. I am not that worried about the loss of Owens. Overrated, I think. He did, however, have a presence on the field and other teams had to at least be aware of him. While our other receivers can run routes as well and probably catch as well, they don't have Owens' rep or flash, at least not yet, so they aren't likely to draw double coverage. Not too sure about the CB situation...we'll just have to see. Apparently, they plan to alternate 2 guys at one of the CB positions. That is a bit worrisome. Running backs look really good but OL is iffy.

  3. Thanks for the commentary.Kitna is a good choice, I didn't know about him.