Monday, September 21, 2009

Giants/Cowboys at Dallas Palace

The big story of course is the Nyark Grunts won. But what is missing is really important: the media did not cover the real story of the night. I thought their coverage of the luxury suites for the rich and famous was abysmal. One, they didn't show one single luxury suite other than through the window of Gene and Laura yukking it up, or W and John trading stories......or the Jones boys smilin' and laughin' and grimacing an dying. I was totally put off that they didn't show the bathrooms in the suites nor the great catering that's done in this very special "palace of pain." I don't know about you but I was pained. Yes, catering is high art in Texas. There are several ways to prepare and present Bush's Beans with the brisket that I'll bet not one Nyarker knows. It could have been a school lesson for all the deprieved in the East. Media blew it a thousand ways.
Since Dallas' uniforms out class the Grunts, their should have been more mention of that and less of the fact that the Nyarkers think of themselves as Joe Lunch Pail kind'uv players. Why would anyone want to pull for common laborers? Then I think back to Emmit Smith, with a totally undone shoulder, plowing through the Nyarkers to take us to a Super Bowl and I wonder if my keel is straight. Maybe I've lost my way, what I love is a running game with power and finesse.....and that is exactly what Daboys delivered. And we lost? I was considering the fact that something in the first half caused me to think of Halloween.....and I was right. It came more than a month early. Dorko the Humble


  1. that game was determined by God and the video game bounces of the ball. I believe he is pissed off about that giant television blocking his view. And I am with you dorko run the damn ball down their throats go no huddle and do it again. Make them wish they were playing for Baskind's twat badgers.
    welcome to the blog by the way.