Friday, September 18, 2009


Talk about bad luck. My Bro-in-law and his wife are coming to visit on Saturday, but want to meet to shop.....their favorite sport. Now I'm gonna be walking around Taos sticking my nose in every bar until half time. After that the T-Sips will be so far ahead I won't want to know anymore.

Crabtree has been treed by his agent whose only wish is $$$$ with lots of zeros. He better get his act together and get a deal done or he may have a hell of a time in the future in the NFL. Such a waist of talent, I could have been his agent.

Signed, Dorko the Humble


  1. Dorko---I predict that you will suffer shortness of breath and vertigo tomorrow night about 7:00 pm. Not to worry, though, because I expect it to subside around 10:30. Perhaps you could ride it out in a nice, quiet sports bar. I hear that alcohol in the form of a fermented beverage eases the symptoms. Of course, nothing eases the pain of a butt-kicking.

  2. Dorko, welcome again. I am one of the few Longhorn fans on this alleged blog but I also went to Tech. But on days like this, my original orange blood must contol over the little bit of red and black I got in Lubbock. I just hope you are correct in your prediction of a horn's victory, being as how oxey has touted your lack of sports expertise (and he should know cuz he is bother of the greatest expert of all, lsquared).