Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tiger looking washed up.

Or rather, polished up. Bogeyed the first hole, and left one hanging on the lipof the cup on 16 to shoot 62. 62! It is enough to make one give up the game as some kind of magic trick.


  1. Forget the first comment, because when I made it, only the title of the post had come up on my computer and I couldn't figure out what the heck you were talking about. Now, to the real post: are you friggin serious? Wow. Just wow.

  2. Interesting to have Johnny Miller commenting because that is who he played like today. He shot 62 and I don't think he made aputt over 15 feet. He didn't need to. Just repeatedly hit 5 feet from everywhere. He hit a fairway wood 270 off the ground to 10 feet. Hit a 3 iron 250 yards. A freakin 3 iron. I used to hit the long irons competently and I could not have hit a 3 iron 250 yards down an airport runway. (partly because it is too narrow but mostly because that is too damn far.)

  3. I have seen bbljr hit a 3 iron over 250 yds. Always back over the heads of the group behind us on tee box who just hit into us. Righteous anger adds 50 yds to any shot. If I ever did that I would hit my divot further than the ball and be scorned by the offending golfers on the tee. Much like the aforementioned Kip Dynamite when he squashes the unbreakable imitation Tupperware with Uncle Rico's sweet ride. Shoot!