Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big 12 Rocks it in Week One

With one ginormous exception, all Big 12 teams playing yesterday won. The exception? OU. Say what? Of course, the SEC did well, too, with only Georgia losing (to the Big 12's OSU). Apropos of nothing, SMU and North Texas won, also.


  1. Yeah Aggies and Horns. Yeah to the Mean Green of UNT, now my second favorite team (at least until they lose -- which will be their next game) coached by a former UT QB (Todd Dodge) and quarterbacked by his son Riley.

    And mostly, yeah to the Boomer Sooners. I don't want Bradford to be hurt, but I do want them to lose frequently and consistently.

  2. The Bradford injury really is a shame because he is a talent and fun to watch. Plus they probably have some guy hiding in the freshman dorm from east borneo who is 6'9 270 runs a 4.2 and can throw a football 60 yards under a clothesline with either hand. Oklahoma never seems to be short of players. But Bradford will be tough to replace.

  3. You are probably right about that. However, their starting tight-end is out for the season with knee surgery and the OL has a long way to go. Can still beat the Ags but may be seriously out of contention for even a top-5 finish.