Saturday, September 19, 2009

College Football: Week Whatever

Here is how you avoid college football frenzy: do NOT watch College Gameday on ESPN. After 2 hours of Chris. Lee, and Kirk, I'm fired up about games like Ball State-Army and Indiana-Akron. Ok, admittedly Corso can be a little hard to take but looking at Kirk makes up for it. So here are some of my predictions for today:

The Tebows stomp Tennessee
Notre Dame beats Michigan State, drat it
Cincinnati beats Oregon State (just cause)
Mormons over Seminoles
Hogs top Dawgs
Horns over Red Radars, with apologies to Dorko
Aggies over Mormonettes
Whomever over the Illini, with apologies to Drumski, unless the Illini are off, in which case it may be close

While waiting for the more interesting games to begin, I am watching Cal v. Minnesota and Minnesota ought to lose just because of their uniforms: one of the top five ugliest uniforms in the history of ever.


  1. lsquared, I hope at least on of your predictions comes true(UT over TT). One out of eight games would be about right for you.

    And I actually hope that the Aggies win today. Always for the Big 12 team v. any non-conference powerhouse like Utah State (who managed to lose to Utah last week).

    So both gig and hook 'em.

  2. Based on my expectations for the horns this year I have to say they have looked very unimpressive. Horns now need the raiders to keep winning so as to explain this game. Tennessee played pretty well against Florida. Florida looks very beatable.(except for Tom Terrific of course) and don't look now but the sooners seem to have broken out the guy from East Timor.

  3. I thought Texas' defense looked pretty good, despite Tech's scoring efforts. Offensively, McCoy was off the first half but turned it aroung in the second. As for Tennessee, I was amazed by how well the Vols played. I haven't looked at the Tebow's schedule but I agree that they look beatable. Alabama, maybe? Also, I am tiring of Tebows antics. I think he has been drinking some Tebow kool-aid. If I were his teammate, I might get a little sick of him screaming at me. Dude---chill. Also, does it seem like the first thing he does when he returns to the sideline is take off his helmet? I know that he often puts on headphones in order to speak with the coach in the box, but not always. Facetime, anyone? As for OU, no surprise that there was another good QB waiting in the wings.