Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Dorko Cometh

Greetings and salutations to Dorko the Humble, our newest contributor. A Red Radar from dusty Lubbock, Dorko will bring his sandy insights to our otherwise (mainly) maroon and orange blog. We are really glad to have you, Dorko, especially in light of the Texas-Tech matchup this weekend. Speaking of which, I kinda wish this matchup wasn't so early in the season. Last year I went to Lubbock for the game (though I didn't get a ticket and ended up watching it on t.v.) and being on campus before the game reminded me why I lurve college football. It was absolutely electric. There was so much on the line. This year, not so much. Have to say, I think the Horns will roll. And Dorko, what is up with Crabtree? You need to go out to California and shake some sense into him.


  1. Who? What? Huh? Welcome Dorko, and I'll just let you know now that I know nothing about sports, conrtibute nothing of value to the conversation, and yet I will comment often. be warned

  2. lonek8---you should recognize by now that knowing anything about sports is not a prequisite to participation in this world-famous blog. We love your comments and are grateful that you read the blog at all.

  3. Dorko,

    I have a few words of welcome: "Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak." (PS7)

    Good luck on Saturday (not). Hook 'em.

    PS to Lonek8: I have always thought your contributions were of the highest order.

    PS to the so-called lsquared: You should be grateful anyone has fallen for this blog.

  4. Dorko knows nothing about sports, even though he is the biggest sports fan on our blog. Strange. Dorko was over tonight and we watched stinking Miami destroy the higher ranked Georgia Tech team. Dorko hates Miami more than anybody. Excepting F**king OU, F**king Alabama, F**king Texas, USC, F**king Notre Dame, F**king Michigan, F**king Ohio State, F**king Nebraska, F**king Aggies, etc. If I left a team out he F**king hates those bastards too. He is an excellent addition to our blog.