Saturday, September 12, 2009

Later That Same Day

If I were sbaskind, I would be driving around Dallas aimlessly right about now, turning the radio off and on every 15 seconds, cussing at irksome drivers, wondering why oh why didn't I go to a school without a football program, say...Mt. Holyoke or (bbljr's favorite) Little Sisters of the Poor. Anywhere but UT, which is barely leading Wyoming at the half. But hey, sbaskind, LISTEN UP: UT will win this, so just fill up the tank, put in a Beatles disc, pick up a cherry coke at Sonic, and try to relax.

Tennesse and UCLA are tied at 10. Of course, I hate all of the pretty-boy California schools but I don't much like Tennesse either, though I like it better now that that fool, Phil Fulmer, is gone. Plus the Vols usually have excellent wide receivers and defensive linemen who are fun to watch.

Why don't they just change the Florida mascot to the "Tebows" and get it over with. By the way, final score: Tebows 56, Troy-the-school 6.

I would rather watch Little Sisters of the Poor play Abilene Christian College than watch Michigan-Notre Dame. Yuck.

Big 12 news: Nebraska killed Arkansas. I hope the Hogs stay dead until AFTER the Aggies play them on Oct. 3.

Remember last week when I said that OSU looked beatable? Well, Houston is beating the Cowboys, 24-14, early in the 3rd quarter. However, OSU scored on the opening drive of the 2nd half and it is far from over. But for the moment, I am a FOOTBALL GENIUS.

As Kip Dynamite would say, peace out.


  1. I am getting a different set of games up here and was watching the golf but, I did see some highlights. Most of them seemed to to be Tebow throwing touchdowns to assorted Florida players. This is surprising because I keep hearing "he can't play quarterback in the NFL". My opinion if I were and NFL coach is: I want him! I think he can play anything. He is a winner and he lifts the other players. I would have him punting and doing runbacks and some defense. I'd want him on the field every play if I could manage it. I cannot bring myself to actually root for Florida but I love to watch Tebow play. Kind of reminds me of watching Lawrence Taylor or OJ. (both unsavory and unlike Tebow in that respect) But you want to be watching when they are on the field.
    Plus I am pulling for the Horn's it would be cruel to have McCoy and Bradford both out of the national championship hunt in two weeks. So for now HOOK'em Horns.

  2. What is the mascot for The Little Sisters of the Poor? They always have great cornerbacks.
    Tebow should be Cowboy. Aggies win their bye week. Yay!

  3. LSOP mascot is Mother Teresa. GO MOTHERS!

  4. I am just now coming out of an alcohol induced daze (which started in the first quarter) -- but now I am grateful to have escaped Laramie Wy. Was that a high school stadium? I think South Lake Carroll's stadium is bigger. But I am better off than my younger son who fancies himself an OSU (that is Okla. State) fan. He is very unhappy.

    By the way, I knew USC would come back and win. I actually feel sorry for Ohio State. I hate USC but long live the 2006 Rose Bowl, when Vince Young showed those Calif. dudes what football is really all about. Gosh! Dang! By the way, do chickens have large talons?

  5. I don't understand a word that you just said.

  6. sbaskind: pls explain chicken-talon question.

  7. Oxey needs no explanation.

    Napoleon Dynamite: Do the chickens have large talons?
    Farmer: Do they have what?
    Napoleon Dynamite: Large talons.
    Farmer: I don't understand a word you just said.

  8. Clearly, I need to rewatch that masterpiece.

  9. Do chickens have talons? They can't sing, can't act but they dance a little. Same as Fred Astaire.